Dear Mahir,


Mark & I would like to thank you so very much for your incredible architectural plans, hard work and commitment you gave us in helping us build our cottage dream home.


We were so highly impressed with your knowledge and professional advise. You were undertaking a huge job making sure that our cottage took every advantage possible of our 180 degree view of the lake, gardens and forest all
the while making sure Mark got his garages for his cars and toys but having the garages inconspicuous from the lake.

Mahir you succeeded beautifully.


When our architectural plans arrived we were so happy with your work and artistic ability. We knew that you really listened to us and we also listened to you for advise and the plans made it very evident. All of the details and creativity in your plans were spectacular to say the least. In no time flat we were on our way
to building our new cottage.


As with any project especially one of this size there will always be things that crop up, but what was fabulous Mahir is that you always had a solution and were very helpful making our building process so much easier.

We love that every room has spectacular views and the architectural aspects ofour cottage inside and out are magnificent.


Mahir you were so easy and wonderful to work with. You were very generous with helping us find contacts, resources we needed as well as offering excellent design and room layouts for kitchen, baths, and furniture for all the rooms. That also helped us to make good decisions with ease for our purchases.


Our kitchen is my dream kitchen and everything that was on our wish list you made happen.

Mahir we can attest to you that people from all over our lake stop by and take pictures. Strangers stop by our dock to tell us how beautiful our cottage {retirement home} is.


Now that we have been living in our cottage we really love the way your design flows so well. As large as it is people always tell us that our cottage feels so warm.


Mahir , Mark and I are so very grateful to you for all of your hard work and creative ability.

You are not only our favorite designer but we also call you and your wife friends. Thank you and your hard working staff so much for helping us create a beautifulcottage for us to create lasting memories.


Sincerely with warmest regards & gratitude


Mark & Dee Dee Weiland

Moose Point, Lake of Bays




We have had the pleasure of working with Mahir Manios when we decided to build our new house in the spring of 2006.
Although we could not put everything into words initially, Mahir was able to conceptualize our ideas and understand what was important to us. We utilized Mahir for all design related matters, including committee of adjustment, permits / construction drawings, mechanical review, lighting, built-in designs and landscape design.
He delivered quality designs and incorporated all of our ideas into revisions. He made himself available through every stage of the building explaining the benefits of different options, left us with questions to consider, and allowed for good dialogue and debate. We appreciated his patience and input, and he respected our many wishes. We very much appreciated his many site visits and his careful attention to detail, including his experience, perspective and direction when faced with “on-site” framing design questions that ultimately impacted the final “look” and symmetry of our home.
The end result is a home that we love - that has beautiful design and clever functionality. We would not hesitate to recommend Mahir’s services to anyone considering building or renovating a home.


Joseph and Luciana Quarin
12 DeVere Gardens, Cricket Club




My wife and I bought an older Lawrence Park home that by the time our three children became teenagers was badly in need of a complete renovation and expansion.

Prior to meeting Mahir we had retained two previous architects. Neither one produced plans that were aesthetically or functionally acceptable. In contrast, Mahir in very short order was able to produce a design that both met our needs (extra bedrooms/bathrooms and a large modern kitchen-family room area) and kept the original white-picket-fence charm of the home. We were frankly taken aback as to how superior his design was and how quickly he saw a solution that others had missed.

Throughout the detailed design and, later, the construction phase Mahir continually understood or needs and preferences and came up with solutions to the challenges that one faces in renovations. He was ultra-responsive. He always kept his good humor in guiding us through the process. We were entirely satisfied with all aspects of his services and would unreservedly recommend him to others.


John Chapman and Allison Ferrier
2 Bayview Wood, Lawrence Park
416 489-7294




Dear Mahir,

I am writing to express our appreciation for the excellent work on the design and construction of our home. Susan and I are extremely pleased with the design plan, flow of the house and material selection. In particular, I want to commend you on your level of service. Building a house for the fist time was a daunting task for us. You were patient, understanding and available throughout the design and construction processes. You were able to understand our needs, address any concerns, provide valuable insights and help us work through solutions.

We continue to have people unkown to us who stop at the house to ask for the name of our architect. We are very pleased to provide your name. Susan and I would gladly recommend you to anyone looking for architectural design services.

Gordon Bell
23 Cheltenham Avenue, Lawrence Park
416 488-7798




We hired Mahir Manios to design a new house for our family 18 months ago are thrilled with the results. Over the course of the last year and a half, we have had the opportunity to meet and deal with many people in the design and building industry. Mahir has facilitated the process and exceeded our expectations of what role and service he could provide.

In terms of design, Mahir was able to quickly understand our taste and help guide us towards a working design that was practical, within our budget, and aesthetically both original and beautiful. Over the course of the design process, he was patient and able to hear our concerns and wishes, while not being afraid to offer his own opinions. He respected our final decisions even if they differed from his own, but was also able to educate us on good uses of space, and areas that should not be compromised. As we walk around our house today, we constantly find ourselves being thankful for these lessons.

Not having built a house before, we assumed that when the plans were complete, we would hand them to our contractor. Luckily, we decided to continue working with Mahir and have him conduct site visits to oversee the implementation of the plans. These site visits proved to be indispensable in both ensuring that the building process went more smoothly, and that the finished house reflected the original plans. Mahir was available to advise the builder on issues and details both large and small, and acted as our advocate in many instances where there could have been considerable conflict. Given that we were novices in this arena, it really felt that we had an expert on our side, who was well respected by the contractor and trades he dealt with. These interactions greatly minimized the stress that can occur between client and contractor.

We continually receive compliments on the unique and beautiful design of our house from friends, strangers, and most interestingly, the trade workers themselves.
We have no reservations in recommending Mahir. There is no question in our minds that the dream home is a result of our decision to work with him.


Drs Joanna Shapiro and Mark Varkul
205 McAllister Road




We had lots of ideas of what we wanted before we retained a designer, and Mahir took those ideas and made them into something much better than we had imagined. We now have one of the nicest looking houses on the street, and the back of the house looks at least as good as the front.

Mahir’s design work is beautiful, thoughtful and meticulously prepared. He is always patient and courteous. He has abundant knowledge and experience that he brings to bear on the entire process from the initial conceptual stage through the local approval process to project completion. We had complete confidence in him from start to finish and would not hesitate to recommend him.


Joanna Rainbow and Donald Bur
102 Glenview Avenue
416 481-6960